"Went on my Happy Born on Date!!! 1.5 weeks ago!!! Had a BLAST was planning my next jump before I was even back on the ground!!! Its aaaaahMAZIN!!"

Tracey SunnShine

Facebook Review 7/6/16


Organizing a family reunion, high school reunion or meeting friends from the past? Make new memories together and jump out of a plane!


Strengthen the bond between co-workers by sharing the thrilling experience of jumping out of a plane together!

The Van Den Berge family reunion in July 2017. Pictured at the airport are Travis and Stephanie Van Den Berge, Tim, Kelsey, Olivia and Trevor Meiste, Peter Adsit, and Chad, Christopher and Cara Achterhof. See article in Holland Sentinel  here.

"Absolutely the best day ever for our entire family. We had 8 of us jump and a MARRIAGE PROPOSAL at the end! I can't wait to jump again! Both guys were amazing. They made us feel safe and secure. Thank you Scott and Kirk! I was extremely scared and yet calm and the free fall was out of this world! (ended too soon) When the shoot opens, it's like once you get on the roller coaster and you are loving it and the ride stops! You want to go again!"

Rean Amato

Facebook Review 8/9/17

"Our experience was freaking fantastic. We celebrated our one year wedding anniversary with this team. Scott and Kirk we're amazing and we're our perfect pairing. Just remember when you are born you are dying, complete your bucket list and the thrill of a lifetime. The views we're amazing!"

Courtney Friedle

Facebook Review 8/30/17

Whatever the occasion, we think a tandem skydive is a great way to celebrate and mark key milestones. Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, engagements and marriage proposals – you name it we’ve helped people celebrate with a tandem skydive experience. What else could be as memorable as the time you jumped out of plane from 10,000 ft!

"Absolutely amazing crew!!! Had a fantastic time. They go over and above. I brought my father's ashes along to jump with me and their PR was quick to come up with a plan to make it possible.He took my hoodie and stitched my little urn of my father right into my pocket. If you have the itch to dive go with these guys. Loved every minute of my experience with them. I can't stop thinking about when I'm going to do it again."

Tiphani Blenman

Facebook Review 8/28/17


Scattering ashes is an act of memorialization for your cremated loved one.  There are no health, safety or environmental issues to be concerned about. We have done quite a few ash dives in the past.


Celebrating a birthday is one of the most popular reasons for people doing a tandem skydive! High-adrenaline, birthday skydives are not just for the under 30’s crowd. 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and beyond, people of all ages have celebrated their birthdays with. Schedule a jump for yourself or them, or you can give them one of our  GIFT CERTIFICATES so they can schedule themselves! 


Remember watching those kick-ass skydiving videos and going, "I'd LOVE to do that some day"? Well, what better time than your bachelor/bachelorette party to do something crazy as hell? Would you rather tell everyone that you got pissed drunk on your bachelor party, or that you jumped out of a plane? Give us a call for more information!


Your wedding anniversary is right around the corner. You’ve been wracking your brain for the ultimate gift idea, but keep coming up empty. Jewelry seems passé. Does he really even want a power tool? The idea of repeating the same, tired dinner-and-a-movie routine already has you bored to tears.  What could be more memorable than taking your beloved for an adventurous day of tandem skydiving?



Congratulate yourself or another graduate by giving the gift of flight.  Schedule a jump for yourself or them, or you can give them one of our GIFT CERTIFICATES so they can schedule themselves!


Thursday, June 21, 8AM until Sunday, June 24, 8PM

Hastings Airport, Hastings, MI 49058

Bringing together jumpers, from different skill levels, disciplines and locations, to learn from the best...under one roof. A multi-discipline boogie, for skydivers, by skydivers.  Jumper built, jumper funded and jumper run.  CRW (pic below), Wingsuit, RW,  FF/Angle, Flocking XRW.  Skydive Grand Haven will be offering tandem jumps at the boogie from 14,000 feet.

For more info on the boogie, click here.


Okay, so you’ve decided to pop the big question to your significant other. But how to make it special? The problem is that a marriage proposal has to be so many things: it has to be personal; it has to be unique; it has to be memorable; it has to be different… a skydive! Perfect. Give us a call for more info!