About Skydive Grand Haven


Our History

Skydive Grand Haven started out in 2012 at Calkins Field in Wayland, MI, as Skydive Wayland. We had a great first season there as it was the closest place to Grand Rapids to make a skydive. However, as our business grew, the need for expanded facilities and onsite fuel became apparent. After trying a couple other locations (Hastings and Holland), we decided to call Grand Haven home for it’s beautiful lake views, welcoming airport, and amazing community. We are located only 1.5 miles from gorgeous Lake Michigan.

While some skydiving businesses in our area claim to offer a view of Lake Michigan from the air, it usually ends up being “that blue line out on the horizon”. Not so at Skydive Grand Haven! Here, the climb to altitude takes you directly out over the water and up and down one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline on the planet!  If you’re lucky enough to get on one of the last loads of the day, the outline of the buildings on the Chicago skyline can often be seen in front of the orange sun setting on the water. It’s this view that has made Skydive Grand Haven the most popular place in West Michigan and the Greater Grand Rapids area to make a tandem skydive.


We operate at the Grand Haven Memorial Airport. Our fleet of aircraft consists of our King Air and two Cessna 182s. We are proud members of the United States Parachute Association and have two USPA Safety and Training Advisors on staff.  We follow all FAA Federal Aviation Regulations regarding skydiving and flying. We use Dual Hawk Strong Parachute Systems made by Strong Enterprises which are inspected and repacked by a FAA certified Senior Parachute Rigger every 180 days.

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